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A bit like the UK's 12 astrological stars, the Chinese have something similar, except the cycle is yearly, rather than monthly.

2016 is the Year of the Monkey.

Every 48 hours, more information is generated than the start of time to 2004... This is insane in itself but experts are predicting that the increase in information being generated and the number of connections generated every day is set to be exponential.

Everyone is now addicted to immediate gratification. They love to have things fast which is why online shopping is becoming the norm for most goods. With the role out of same-day/4 hour shipping in certain places, we will see an influx of shoppers purchasing goods online instead of walking to a convenience store...

Even though important to create a great first impression, when looking to do business with people in China, there are other more important factors to consider than just presenting and receiving business cards correctly.

If the products or service are competitive and you are deemed a suitable business-person, these factors will stack in your favour. Chinese people will recognise and overlook some of their customs recognising you are unfamiliar with Chinese culture and norms.

Having said that, you should do as much preparation as you can if planning business meetings. Here are my Top 10 tips to consider if thinking of doing business with China:

In recent years I think that one of the most exciting trends in the UK business world has been the growth of people setting up their own online shops and perhaps utilising Amazon or Ebay for example to sell through.  This has been fired by the growth in mobile internet technology, principally smart phones and tablets and the ease with which internet selling can take place.

You don’t need to have a warehouse to store your goods these days. Just think about how many people across the UK have filled their garages, sheds and spare rooms with boxes of stock ready to be sold through the wonders of the internet.  We can liaise direct with fulfilment houses for you .. so no storage space needed!

The recent visit to the UK by Chinese president Xi Jinping has been heralded as a huge success for businesses in both countries. Nearly £43bn worth of trade was agreed between the two countries with David Cameron declaring that thousands of jobs would be created and that Britain was now China’s business partner of choice.

The Guardian quoted the Prime Minister as saying that “what this really means is jobs, it means livelihoods, it means security.” Speaking at the UK-China Business Summit held at London’s Mansion House last month, Xi Jinping added that “the deals that have been done during this visit cement what is a growing partnership.”