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Our aim is to help your business thrive. To do this we offer assistance in several different fields and we are always happy
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China Import and Export Services

The main ways we can help are:

Importing Goods from China

We have contacts with a large number of suppliers who manufacture high quality items for you to retail in the UK or the rest of the world. Whether you run a market stall, eBay shop or High Street outlet, you should check out what we can offer.

Manufacturing Goods in China

We have extensive contacts throughout China and can obtain competitive quotes for any items you want manufacturing here. We will then arrange to safely ship items to an address for you - whether that be in the UK or somewhere else in the world!

Exporting Goods to China

We have vast experience in importing goods from the UK into China and have a first class distribution network throughout the country. You can have complete confidence in our services.
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Importing to China has never been easier. We can help you at every step
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With a massive range of contacts selling your product in China just got easy
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