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Would Highly Recommend Candy:
We were introduced to Candy by a mutual acquaintance as we were looking to import goods from China for our plastics business. We had heard good reports about her abilities in this field and after meeting her, we decided that she and her company were what we were looking for. Candy is very down to earth and unassuming.

Candy and her team based in China, have overseen our project from day one to the present, whereby we are just about ready to receive our very first shipment. Her remit was to: Locate a Chinese manufacturer, audit the company, provide quality samples and deliver a quality product back to us in the UK. Cost was a prime factor and we are very happy with what has been achieved. So much so that we have ordered another product through her!

We would highly recommend Candy and her team as they have delivered their promises and kept us informed of progress, every step of the way. This was crucial for us, especially as this was our first (and second!) foray into China and importing goods. A scary prospect for ‘first timers’ but a smoother transaction we couldn’t have asked for. Candy also has a network of people in the UK (where she lives) and we have liaised with them to get our shipment from one end of the UK to where we are based in the North. We will be taking delivery of 2 shipments by the end of September and will then look forward to further business alongside Candy and her team.
Glenn, Plastic Bottles Company - UK

On My Side Every Step of the Way:
I had been importing for many years from Hong Kong but realised the potential for my business if I could import directly from the mainland. Hong Kong was easy as everyone spoke English but usually the minimum order quantities required were large. Candy made dealing with China so easy. Her staff were all fluent in English and understood my requirements. they were my agents in China. They would accompany me to various factories acting as translators and business facilitators. They made notes of everything that was said and agreed.

Her team knew many factories and would liase with each one separately, depending on the product I required.
Once ordered her team would check the quality of the product and liase accordingly. occasionally insisting that the factory re make the product to my specification instead of just shipping it.
Its great to know that you have someone in China who is on your side, every step of the way.
Martin Bowie, London Souvenirs and Gifts - UK


Professional Attitude & Personal Touch:
As an International manufacturer of world class toys, I travelled extensively into various regions of the world sourcing components and manufacturers for our product. The task can be daunting and challenging, to say the least.

However, my relationship with YUAN, quickly became one of the most rewarding relationships I found. Whether searching for components, manufacturers, or assembly, they helped saved our company tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses and trials. Instead of having to visit hundreds of manufacturers to develop relationships with that could possibly be rewarding, they performed all of the “leg-work” in reviewing the various needs I had and recommending select companies to travel to and interface with.

A true “partner” when it comes to searching for components, finding reliable manufacturers, acquiring samples, developing quotes, or even performing the complete design, manufacturing and assembly of a developed item, YUAN delivers amazing results. Partners in all aspects, they negotiate pricing, timing, delivery, shipping and handling, if needed. The dedication, commitment, and results achieved were both professionally driven and achieved.
If you or, your companies, are interested in acquiring a professional, friendly, and reliable sourcing agent or broker in the Asian region, YUAN is my recommendation and choice. The professional and personal friendships that have developed between us are things that will last a lifetime and will remain intact to develop into profitability for both companies.

Thank You YUAN for your professional attitude and your personal touch.
Ohio Art - USA


Effective & Reliable:
Dear Candy: I would like to confirm our longterm relationship; from my side I mark it as very successful.  We met each other at the Canton Fair (Biggest Chinese Export Fair) in Oct. 2002 and you offered a China-Export-Service to me.

It is for us a necessary service and it is very effective and reliable. Within the every day business - independent from events like exhibitions in China - it is helpful to find the right items from the best suppliers on the basis of an agreed negotiated price level. You are working very flexible with your organisation, so that any items we were asking you to search for we got an acceptable result.  I am hoping for a further good cooperation.
Friedhelm Neumann
Green Life GMBH - Germany

Very Satisfied:
I have worked for quite a lot years with Candy Yu and I am very satisfied with her work. The ability to complete the submitted assignments and the perseverance in the search of what has been asked of her has meant that our collaboration is strengthened in the time. The availability and the gentleness going around China has enriched my knowledge of places and suppliers. Both for big that for small volumes, the service has been precise I believe to work for a long time still with Candy.
Mirco Pomo
Torfast Brokers - Italy



A True Pleasure:
I have been doing business with Mrs. Candy Yu and her team in China for the last several years. It has been a true pleasure working with them. What has been promised has always been delivered within the agreed upon timeframe and at the price quoted. They are attentive, knowledgeable and relentless in finding exactly what we are looking for.

They successfully sourced for us a wide range of products and parts at prices we could not find anywhere else. Because of their good relationship with suppliers in various cities throughout China, we were able to find the best products that met our requirements at the best prices.  I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to do business in China.
Tovi Danon
Aura Design - Israel